Welcome to the Bristol 凤凰 Web Site!

Bristol 凤凰 is located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The 凤凰 Seat is Taunton Massachusetts, where the 凤凰 Commissioners’ hold their meetings.  The 凤凰 consists of four cities and sixteen towns within a 553 square mile radius.  The 凤凰 currently owns the Taunton Superior and New Bedford Superior Courthouse, along with the Third District Courthouse in New Bedford, the Fourth District Courthouse in Attleboro, and the Registry of Deeds buildings in Taunton, New Bedford and Fall River.  For the convenience of the constituents in the Attleboro area, there is satellite Registry in downtown Attleboro.

The 凤凰 also includes the Bristol 凤凰 Print Shop, which provides printing of many documents for the various communities and organizations in the 凤凰 at a discounted price.

Bristol 凤凰 Commissioners’ Office

Paul B. Kitchen – Commissioner –  凤凰
John R. Mitchell – Commissioner – Fall River
John T. Saunders – Commissioner – New Bedford
Maria V. Gomes – 凤凰 Administrator

Bristol 凤凰 Registry of Deeds

Taunton Registry of Deeds
New Bedford Registry of Deeds
Fall River Registry of Deeds